HISTORICAL The tailor was founded in 1875

The tailoring was founded in 1875 by Mr. Varangoz, professional bronzier.

In 1900, his daughter, the widow Berquin, continued the industry her father left her. At that time nearly 20 workers worked for the cutter, its activities mainly focusing on the manufacture of spectacle lenses as well as the design of prisms (in rock crystal) used for war tanks.

The cutting was taken over in 1910 by Aristide Fourrier, lapidary by trade. 1912 will be the year of hiring of Mr Rousseau, holder of the seniority record with nearly 57 years of activity!
The cutting will obtain during this period, 3 grand prizes and gold medals at the exhibitions universal .

The year 1930 will be that of the next generation, Mr Aristide Fourrier leaves to his children the continuity of the cutting after 20 years of management.
Roland will take care of the commercial part while the accounting will be occupied by Geneviève. In 1931, a fourth prize will be added to the three others .

Until 1939, the cutter had no less than 49 workers. In this period of war, many of them left to fight for freedom, for non-mobilized employees an instruction was given: "prohibition to work for the Germans at all costs". The workers therefore refused to manufacture the rock crystal prisms for the German tanks.


In 1945, only 6 workers returned to the Workshop.

Monsieur Fourrier exports the know-how of the workers to the United States. A monarch comes to society for the making of an order that will last for 7 years. 1972 , first oil crashes, the Workshop is forced to lay off, only 2 workers will remain.

Monsieur Fourrier exportent le savoir-faire des ouvriers jusqu’aux Etats-Unis. Un monarque s’adresse à la société pour la fabrication d’une commande qui durera 7 ans. 1972, premiers crashs pétroliers, l’Atelier est obligé de licencier, seul 2 ouvriers resteront.

1979 was the year in which the last lapidary-turner apprentice, Francis Bourjot, was hired. In 1981 , Mr Fourrier being old and having no heir left his place, the latter died 2 months after his succession.

With a new manager, the tailoring works mainly for Place Vendôme, leaving other customers behind. Big mistake, en 1988 la taillerie est mise en liquidation. Toujours cette même année, elle est reprise par un lapidaire parisien.

In 1995 one of the workers takes over the management of the company, which will keep until his retirement after 40 years of service!

The last apprentice, Francis Bourjot, will then take over the management and will be the last lapidary-turner to graduate from the academic inspectorate.

In 2007 , the cutter will be recognized as a “Living Heritage Company”.
A few years later Francis Bourjot, the last lapidary-turner, will be elected by Internet users as “Living Treasure of French Handicrafts” (2014/2015).

Cutting workers at the start of the 20th century
Francis Bourjot, the last lapidary-turner in the world, 1 century later

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